All work and no play makes Lee a dull boy. 

The weird thing is that I'm consuming FAR fewer daily calories than I did twenty years ago, yet I have to work TWICE as hard to keep the meager portions I do consume from turning into flab. I'm trying to keep my bodyfat percentage in the 14% range...not easy.   

A few times each week I'm at L.A. Fitness, playing basketball and/or lifting weights. During 5-on-5 basketball games I'm clearly the "O.G." (old guy), and I'm fine with that nickname. It's a blessing to be able to to play competitive sports alongside guys less than half my age.

Lee and friends on 50-mile bicycle ride, Dec. 31, 2011, Huntington Beach, Calif.On weekends I ride one of my two bicycles for a good cardio workout. My road bike is a 2011 Giant TCR Composite, a lightweight (18lb.), carbon-fiber bicycle. My mountain bike is a dual-suspension Diamondback Sortie. Road bicycling along the smooth, concrete Santa Ana River Trail is fairly safe. Mountain bicycling is more dangerous, especially when riding up and down the single-track trails of Chino Hills State Park, which is mountain lion (cougar) country. They say the only defense when confronted by a hungry mountain lion is to pick your bicycle up above your head and scream, making the animal think you're the bad-ass. Hope I never have to see if that actually works. Bicycling photos are here.

Put a motor on a bike and you get a motorbike! In 40+ years of riding motorcycles, the favorite was my 2007 Honda Gold Wing ABS with a stiffened, aftermarket Traxxion Dynamics suspension tuned for canyon carving. The 6-cylinder 1800cc engine had tremendous torque. Long-distance riding comfort was helped by a 6-speaker, iPod-driven sound system, heated seat/grips, a built-in GPS and an espresso maker. (Just kidding on that last one). Arthritis in my left thumb forced me to ride my current bike: a 2016 Honda NC700X...with no clutch lever! It's a 6-speed with a dual-clutch transmission (DCT), so I can shift manually using paddles, or select one of three automatic sport modes. Motorcycling photos here.

Lee-Ali at BMW 5-series event in San Luis Obispo March 2008Daughter Alison (see photo at right -->) knows her dad is a car nut. In 2008 she and I participated in a 50-car BMW 5-Series (E60) rally from L.A. to San Luis Obispo. Over the past 36 years I've owned 36 cars and motorcycles. Many cars were amazing vehicles. A few (especially those I bought when I was young) were disappointing. Click here to see some cars I've driven over the years

Every now and then...a vacation! During "Euro 11" Simone and I visited her sister in France and my brother and nephew in England. In 2010 we took Simone's mom and sister on a cruise to/from Hawaii. Some cool vacation photos (and videos) here.

Two- or three-day local get-away trips are fun too. San Diego, Big Bear and even Las Vegas are just a few hours drive from here. Visits from our children, friends and families are always welcome occasions. 

Sometimes the best form of recreation is simply to laugh out loud. I do that a lot, watching funny movie or stand-up comic, or simply coming across something funny on the Internet. Here are some examples of what my odd sense of humor considers witty. 


above: Navigating through class five rapids in the Lower Kern Rover, 1991.

Lee refereeing through the years

above: In 2011, after 16 years as a semi-pro soccer official, I hung up the whistle (and the yellow and red cards).


above: Full rupture of my Achilles tendon during a basketball game in 1994. One year recovery...


above: My current inline skates are SpeedMachine 10s with 104mm wheels and carbon fiber shell. Fast!